Incolink Accident & Illness Benefits Program

For building and construction workers in South Australia

Effective 1 January 2024, Windsor Management Insurance Brokers (Windsor) is assisting employers meet their current EBA requirements for workers.  Windsor has been managing the Group Income Protection needs of Incolink employer and worker members for over 30 years. Visit


Insurance and discretionary covers under the Incolink Accident & Illness Benefits Program match existing EBA requirements.  These include:

  • Cover for workers if they get injured or sick when not at work
  • Cover for workers if they get injured while in direct travel to or from work (previously provided by BIRST)
  • If a worker’s injury results in death, they may be eligible for a lump-sum payment
  • Emergency transport, accidental dental and funeral benefits
  • Workplace Injury Management Service (support for both the employer and the injured worker)

For terms & conditions, please refer to the South Australia Incolink Accident & Illness Benefits brochure.  Covers are only in place when the applicable insurance premiums have been paid and are current at the time of injury or illness.  For more information please visit

Please note, these same insurance and discretionary covers are also available for office-based workers.


To set-up an Employer Registration & Worker Nominations, or for more information, please call

Daniel Urzia at Windsor Management Insurance Brokers.

Daniel Urzia

National General Manager

T.  (03) 9320 8535