Vale John Canning

Published: 7 Mar 2016

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Cathy, Tanya, Samantha, Lachlan, Mary, Cathie, Margaret, Robert and Jim, and John's extended family and many friends, in and out of our Industry.

John Canning came to Australia to work and support his family, and work he did, long and hard. John was a great scaffolder and a hard worker. So while a boss would get a good worker, with John they also got a great trade Unionist.

Someone who looked beyond his personal interests to those of his fellow workers, John was respected and appreciated by all who knew and worked with him. John served his class, his Union and its members over many, many years. He was an outstanding rank and file activist and served the members of both the BLF and CFMEU providing guidance, instruction and leadership in the Contract Scaffolding Sector.

From the days when tube and fitting scaffold was dominant to today's modular systems, scaffolding is and was high risk work, requiring skill and endurance while facing danger and risk continuously.

John suffered greatly with health problems in recent years and his retirement has been cut tragically short. He deserved better than to pass away so young, without the chance to enjoy his family and friends in a long, well deserved retirement.

Vale John Canning: Construction worker, scaffolder, dedicated Unionist and an absolute gentleman.

Officials, Staff and Members CFMEU Construction Victoria-Tasmania Branch