A $10,200 fine for going to a march?

Published: 26 Feb 2015

A $10,200 fine for going to a march?

Construction company John Holland has just issued this threat to its workers wanting to attend next week’s#March4 National Day Of Action.

The last time workers at this site attended a march for local jobs, the Fair Work Building Commission – the government body set up to harass construction workers - hit 76 of them with $10,200 fines.

Yet workers at John Holland, more than ever, need the right to speak out, free from harassment. After all, this is a company that has a terrible safety record.http://bit.ly/1ERV2Iq

And it’s just been bought out by a Chinese company that will soon have stronger rights to bring in its own workforce – thanks to the recent free trade deal the Coalition government did with China. This is despite rising unemployment, especially in the mining & construction sectors.

#March4 your rights. Fight for the right for workers to have their say.