Member Benefits

Construction workers and their unions have fought for and achieved a number of innovative services to benefit members. Follow the links below for contact details and websites of our main construction industry service providers.

Additionally, CFMEU Branches offer a range of other benefits to financial members, including:

- ambulance cover
- childcare benefit on death of spouse
- discounted holiday accommodation
- free or discounted dental accident treatment, eye glasses, hearing tests
- free or discounted legal services
- funeral benefits
- journey cover
- sickness or accident insurance
- travel insurance.

Not all of these are available from each Branch.  Contact your local CFMEU Branch for details of what's on offer in your state or territory or Find your Branch website on the home page here.


ME Bank was established by industry super funds – the same people who brought you low cost, no commission super.

ME Bank’s products are straightforward, easy-to-understand and transparent, many with additional benefits for CFMEU members who receive discounts on home loans, fee waivers on transaction accounts and higher interest on savings.

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Drug and Alcohol treatment

'Drugs or Alcohol? Not at work!' is the slogan of the construction industry Drug and Alcohol program that is available to all CFMEU members.

The program has been developed since the 1980s, by construction workers for construction workers.  The emphasis is on maintaining safety on construction sites and putting workers with drug or alcohol problems in touch with appropriate treatments. 

More info  on the 'Drugs or Alcohol? Not at work!' services in your state or territory. 


Incolink Accident & Illness Benefits Program

For building and construction workers in South Australia

Effective 1 January 2024, Windsor Management Insurance Brokers (Windsor) is assisting employers meet their current EBA requirements for workers.  Windsor has been managing the Group Income Protection needs of Incolink employer and worker members for over 30 years. Visit

Long Service Leave

Construction workers are entitled to accumulate the time spent working for different employers and claim paid Long Service Leave at the end of seven or 10 years.

Make sure you are registered with the Long Service Leave authority in your state or territory and give your registration number to each new employer you work with. 

Read more & Contacts for Long Service Leave schemes.


The construction industry Redundancy Funds are a joint union and employer initiative, providing security of payment for employees' entitlements. Workers can claim these entitlements when retrenched or laid off at the end of a job with nothing on the horizon.

For more information and contacts for the national ACIRT and state-based Redundancy Funds. Contacts.


Construction unions took the lead in setting up an industry superannuation fund in the 1984, with the primary goal of providing for members in their retirement.

Cbus operates across Australia with more than 775,000 members, 170,000 participating employers and manage over A$65 billion of Cbus members’ money (as at 30 June 2021).  Importantly, through Cbus Property, the fund also invests in construction, creating jobs for members working in construction, building or allied industries.

Read more for contacts and websites.

Union Shopper

Union Shopper is a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families.

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