CFMEU declares readiness to fight Turnbull’s war on "the fair go"

Published: 28 Feb 2017

The CFMEU has declared its readiness to fight the war being waged on battlers by corporate giants and the Turnbull Government.

The Liberals’ omnibus bill will look to save the government $4 billion, with cuts targeted at families.

Over Christmas the Liberals cut the pension of 330,000 pensioners.

In January the Government began targeting 1.2 million recipients of government support, most notably people with a disability.

The new building code will slash the number of apprentices, destroy workplace safety and put more exploited visa workers on worksites whilst cutting jobs.

And last week the pay of 700,000 mainly young Australians was cut by up to $6000.

"This war on battlers must end,” CFMEU National Secretary Michael O’Connor said.

“The war on the fair go must stop.”

“The CFMEU is today declaring that it will not stand by and watch these attacks without response.

“While Australian workers, pensioners, people with a disability, the unemployed and young workers having their livelihoods attacked, the Government continues to push for a $50 billion tax cut for business.

“They refuse to do anything about the fact that 670 of Australia's richest companies pay no tax at all.

“The CFMEU stands ready to fight.”

The CFMEU will use every ounce of its political and industrial capacity to defend Australian workers under attack from this government.

Where the fight back takes place, wherever there is a picket, a rally, a campaign….whatever it is you will see us there standing shoulder to shoulder with those under attack.