EBA 2016 - plus the latest CFMEU Worker Express

Published: 12 Feb 2016


Initial discussions are taking place. This EBA campaign will call on all members to take a stand and protect our wages, conditions and decent standard of living.

Here’s some of the initial log of claims:

  • 6% increase on wages and travel allowance;
  • 4 person crane crews written into agreement;
  • All casuals to be employed for minimum 8 hours;
  • All casuals engaged for more than 3 weeks in a 3 month period become a full-time employee;
  • Double time rate penalty for sham contracting;
  • No direct employee will be terminated where labour hire employees are performing work that can be done by direct employees;
  • All visa holders must have Department of Immigration verification of their right to work;
  • Principle contractors will be responsible for any funds owing by subies non-compliance;
  • Super payments: $185 per week rising each year to $215 per week on 1 July 2018. Or super guarantee, whichever is greater.
  • All non-site allowance(s) 6% increase per year;
  • Any agreed work on scheduled lock-down weekends or the Christmas shutdown and/or Easter lockdown will be at double time and a half (2 1/2 x);
  • Twelve hour break between overtime and re-commencing next shift including day shift;
  • Substitution of public holidays which fall on weekends;
  • Workers over 50, ration 1:6 employees.

There's even more of the log of claims in the latest CFMEU Worker Magazine - CLICK HERE.


While we are in negotiations with several builders, the failed Abbott/Turnbull Building Code is holding them to ransom.

Here’s what this failed code threatens:

  • Your RDOs and Xmas shutdown break
  • Your right to be consulted by the boss about major changes to your employment
  • Your right to promote the union and wear the union logo
  • The right of shop stewards to have facilities on site and to be involved in inductions
  • Your security of employment – the code stops any regulation on the use of subbies
  • The employment of apprentices and older workers

Even the boss can’t invite the union on site without the union giving 24 hours notice.
Even the boss can’t allow you to wear the union logo.

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