Published: 6 Jan 2018

The CFMEU became aware approximately four years ago that some individuals had produced apparel with a CFMEU logo and the words " Who Dares Wins."

This was not authorised by the union then, or at any time.

The union is aware that these words are the regimental motto of the SAS.

The union regards the use of this phrase as inappropriate and disrespectful of the SAS regiment’s history and traditions, and has made it clear to members that these words should not be used in association with CFMEU apparel or logos. 

Recently, some persons have been circulating images of this apparel on social media and have criticised the union.

To the best of our knowledge these are photographs of the old apparel.

We reiterate the union’s view that these images are unauthorised and inappropriate.

We will be contacting the appropriate representatives of the SAS to make the CFMEU's position on this matter known to past and present ADF and SAS personnel.