Terms and Conditions

1. Debit via bank account will be fortnightly every second Friday.
2. The Member will be advised in advance of any changes to the Direct Debit arrangements.
3. For all matters relating to the Direct Debit arrangements, the Member will need to contact the CFMEU and allow (1) one week for the amendments to take effect.
4. The Member should be aware that:
(a) Direct Debiting through BECS is not available on all accounts
(b) Account details should be checked against a recent statement from your financial institution. If you are in any doubt, check with your financial institution before completing the drawing authority.
5. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient cleared funds are in the nominated account the day payment is to be drawn
6. If the due date for payments falls on a non-working day or public holiday, the payment will be processed on the next working day. If the member is in doubt, refer to Point 3 for further clarification.
7. For returned unpaid transactions, the following procedures will apply:
- The Member will be notified by SMS or in writing when this occurs and his/her membership will be debited with the agreed amount.
Fees and charges
All bank charges incurred will be debited to members' membership account.
8. All members records and account details will be kept private and confidential and will be disclosed only at the request of the customer or financial institution in connection with a claim made to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.