Complaints, Grievances and Appeals

Policies and Procedures

The CFMEU – Education and Training Unit is committed to the provision of quality education and training services and recognises that adherence to the provisions of the VET Quality Framework is fundamental to achieving these goals. 

The Unit seeks at all times to be responsive to the feedback provided by those who access our services and to promptly resolve complaints, grievances or appeals as they arise in an informal manner. 

A grievance should be initially discussed by the student with their trainer or if in the case of an administrative issue, with the officer concerned. Either party to the grievance may seek advice from the Coordinator of the Education and Training Unit or where applicable, from their respective representative.

Every endeavour should be made to resolve the matter at the informal stage. If the grievance is not initially resolved satisfactorily, the student may continue to negotiate a resolution on an informal basis.

Where informal processes are unsuccessful, the following processes are to be adopted based on the Rules of the Union.

(a)          Any member or members finding themselves aggrieved or having a complaint against the officers or members of the Union may make a written statement to the Divisional Branch Management Committee within one month. The appellant will be given a written statement of outcomes with reasons for the decision.

(b)         Any member dissatisfied with the decision of the Divisional Branch Management Committee may appeal against the decision to the Divisional Branch Council within one (1) month after the hearing of his case by the Divisional Branch Management Committee.

(c)          An appeal shall be in writing and shall be lodged with the Divisional Branch Secretary.  The appeal shall set forth concisely the grounds on which it is based and the Divisional Branch Management Committee or Divisional Branch Management Council shall review the evidence taken at the original hearing of the charge, whereupon the Divisional Branch Management Committee or Branch Management Council may confirm, annul or modify the decision/penalty.

Should the appellant desire to appear in person before the Divisional Branch Management Committee or Branch Management Council, the appellant member shall be afforded the opportunity to do so.

(d)         The outcomes of this appeal with reasons for the decision will be provided to the appellant in writing.

(e)          The CFMEU – Education and Training Unit will act to correct the subject of any complaint found to be substantiated


Adapted from the rules of the Construction and General Division and Construction and General Divisional Branches (Registered Rules incorporating alterations 27/4/2010)